Ridge Augmentation

Over time, tooth loss not only leaves you with gaps in your mouth, but it also changes the shape of your jaw. The bone in that area recedes, leaving an indentation in your gums.

Implants and bridges can fill the gaps where your natural teeth once were, but for the strongest foundation and the most natural appearance, your jawbone must be returned to its original size. Ridge augmentation is a technique that periodontists like Dr. Alex Avanessian use to restore the size and shape of gums.

Bone Supplementation

Ridge augmentation is a procedure in which natural or artificial bone is used to fill in the space under the gums. Sometimes, the procedure is performed using bone extracted from the patient. Other times, a synthetic product is used by itself or in combination with the harvested bone.

The dentist performs a surgical procedure to access the remaining bone under the gum. Then, the dentist fills this space with the supplemental bone and covers it back up with the gum tissue.

Future Treatment

Restoring the original shape of your jawbone is often the first step in a series of procedures to give your mouth a whole new look. Ridge augmentation may provide necessary bone structure for holding implants in place.

Even if augmentation was not needed for structural support, it can improve the appearance of artificial teeth in your mouth. When the gums follow a natural contour, bridges and implants can be the same size as natural teeth instead of extra-long to fill in empty space.

Ridge augmentation will help restore your confidence in your smile. Turn to Dr. Alex Avanessian at La Jolla Center for Periodontal & Implant Aesthetics for ridge augmentation and other restorative procedures performed with skill, care and respect.

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